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Why Scans are better than Seeks
Most DBAs design indexes and queries to avoid Scans and Lookups, and get adequate performance without knowing much more than that. In this talk, Rob Farley will demonstrate some of the differences between Scans and Seeks, breaking some of the preconceptions that people have about them, and investigating some of the impact they have around Joins, Parallelism and more. You'll see lots of queries and query plans, and leave with a much better understanding about what to look for in plans.

Speaker: Rob Farley
Rob Farley runs LobsterPot Solutions. He is an MCM, MVP, MCT, PDW Trainer, and proud Arsenal supporter. He spends a lot of his time either tuning queries or helping people with their BI systems, from small in-house data warehouses to large PDW implementations. His presentation style and his insight into the complex made simple and profound make him unique in the SQL Server community, with or without his guitar. He blogs at http://sqlblog.com/blogs/rob_farley and is on Twitter at @rob_farley.

Download material about this presentation: seeks_scans.zip

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