Adelaide SQL Server User Group

About Us

The Adelaide SQL Server User Group is the informal meeting of a group of SQL Server enthusiasts in Adelaide, South Australia. This group has been meeting monthly for many years now, providing presentations in the full range of SQL Server topics, including Business Intelligence. 
The group is co-ordinated by Rob Farley of LobsterPot Solutions, with assistance from various other LobsterPot employees and community members.
We typically meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, at lunchtime, for some networking time around food followed by a technical presentation about SQL Server.



PASS provides the Adelaide SQL Server User Group with this website and other miscellaneous resources. The Adelaide SQL Server User Group is an official PASS Chapter.
Microsoft provides the Adelaide SQL Server User Group with a venue in which to meet!
LobsterPot Solutions provides the Adelaide SQL Server User Group with the catering, the services of Rob Farley and others for hosting and finding presenters, and all the necessary admin effort.


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